iPhone 5C/5S Water Damage

Accidentally dropped your iPhone 5C/5S into water or spilled a drink on it? The first thing you need to do if possible is switch it off and leave it off and DO NOT charge your phone as this will cause further damage.The next thing you should do is get it to us so we can perform an iPhone 5C/5S water damage repair. Our technicians can repair 99% of water damaged iPhones. Our water damage repair service includes replacement of any necessary parts except for screens if a new screen is needed this will be charged separately.

  • 1-5 working days to fix depending on damage
  • Microscope examination
  • IC replacement
  • 3 month warranty
  • OEM replacement parts
  • Expert technicians
  • No fix no fee
  • Postal and courier repair available

Only €89.99 - Bring it to us in store today and have it repaired in 1-5 working days.

Add just €15/€30 for our postal/courier repair service.

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